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Our Mission/ Our Philosophy

Perimeter Security Solutions (PSS) has a different approach to your business or home security. What’s different? Our philosophy is to keep intruders out in the first place. We then integrate our electronic monitoring to activate before entry is made. This is different. This is REAL security.

Safety and Security Glass
Fixed and movable bars and gates
Commercial and residential door hardeners
Solar protective tints
Anti-graffitti protection
Digital video surveillance
Vehicle tracking systems

We work with major manufacturers and suppliers to offer only the best products available. Our products must meet our stringent standards before we install them on any project.

Perimeter Security Solution's is committed to providing the customer with the highest quality products and services available on the market today to ensure the ultimate level of safety for your establishment.


Harden The Target

Reinforce and strengthen all points of entry. Commercial or Residential the goal is the same Deter, Delay, Detect!!!!!!


Warning security Signage, bright lighting, visual security, cut back bushes and landscaping


Harden the target. Slow down entry through door hardening, glass protection, visual hardening such as gates or bars where appropriate


Alarm monitoring that activates upon attempted forced entry, CCTV video for remote monitoring, alarm or actual burglary verification.
Loss Prevention Assessment
Burglary Alarm Systems
Door Reinforcement 
Glass Protection/Security films and laminates
CCTV Video Surveillance

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