Window Films

Security Film in Action 

Turn regular windows into high impact security windows
Withstand rocks, bats, projectiles of any kind
UV protection for your products, furniture, flooring etc...
Window films are used to enhance the performance and safety of existing glass. These films improve the external appearance of the glazing, and increase comfort and protection for the occupants. Solar control window films minimize glare and hot-spots; reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption; and virtually eliminate damaging UV radiation. Safety and security window films act as protective layers that will help hold fractured shards of glass together if the glass should shatter. Safety films are also available with solar control properties.

Benefits of Glass and Window Protection

A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada, with close to 25% of burglars entering homes through a first floor window. As the most vulnerable entry point of your home, windows are the first place where a smash-and-grab thief will attempt access, and a standard butterfly lock won’t be effective at discouraging even the most amateur criminal.

Perimeter Security has a number of smart window protection solutions, beginning with an effective tool that is neither high tech nor complicated, but definitely multi-purpose. Window security film is made of a heavy-duty polyester compound that provides a transparent protective barrier on your windows. It is designed to:

Make it much more difficult for an intruder to break the glass
Protect your family in the event of an accidental window break, reducing the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and attached to the film.

Other benefits of window protection:

Decreased energy costs
Prevention of sun damage to drapes and furniture
Provides an additional barrier against violent weathe

Perimeter Security can help you prevent unlawful entry into your home through the application of our high tech, virtually invisible security films and laminates. Once installed on your existing glass, your windows are now security glass capable of an impact as high as 450 pounds per square inch.

Another window protection option offered by Perimeter Security is security bars. Fixed, removable, folding, decorative or alarmed – we’ve got the right window security bar for your home or business.

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