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Comprehensive security solutions for Toronto, Hamilton, GTA, and Sourthern Ontario

Alarm Monitoring

“Smart” Alarm monitoring. Have contact with your home or business 24/7 through our relationship with smart home technology. The most widely used, secure and robust alarm control technology available.
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Door Reinforcement

We utilize various commercially available door-hardening products to retrofit your existing doors to dramatically increase the strength and durability of your doors.
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Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems are hand picked by our highly trained technicians to offer the highest quality image and easse of use at a very affordable price.
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Security Film

Increase the strength of your existing windows. Security Films sometimes called laminates come in various thicknesses depending on the level of protection you are looking for.
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Time Delay Safes

The best way to minimize loss is to deter it from ever occurring. Time Delay safes are the ultimate solution to make sure no thefts occur. Take back control and make sure that your business stays protected. Together we can protect your business and assets, take control now with Perimeter Security Time-delay Safes!
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Window films are used to enhance the performance and safety of existing glass in buildings and vehicles. These films improve the external appearance of the glazing, and increase comfort and protection for the occupants.
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Security Gates

Whether you're safeguarding a retail storefront after hours or ensuring restricted access to specific areas, folding security gates offer the perfect balance between visibility and protection.
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What We Do

Established in 1999, we are a national and international supplier of the best security products specializing in securing the perimeter of businesses, homes and government facilities. Specifically, Perimeter Security Solutions offers the following products and services:

Our Principle

Perimeter Security has a fundamentally different approach to building security. Whether it is a residential home or a retail store, our philosophy is the keep intruders out in the first place!!!! Other security companies suggest simple alarm monitoring alone will protect your family and your valuables. Unfortunately, we all know that just isn’t true.

To have peace of mind and to truly take proactive steps toward securing any property, Perimeter Security will recommend layers of security. Our layered approach will ensure that your family, investments, possessions, and valuables are safe and will likely be there when ever you return.
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